Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anthropologie = LOVE

I am a big fan of "Statement Jewelery" especially on brides! Anthropologie has some of the most adorable necklaces that I can't wait to try on! They range anywhere from $30 to $600 so there is something for every budget.  http://www.anthropologie.com/

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Planning has Begun...

We are still in the beginning stages on planning. We are looking at a few options as far as locations. The Florida Keys is my FIRST choice however I have agreed to consider other options as well (Georgia or possibly the florida panhandle). My mother & I will be going to Key Largo, Islamorada & Marathon, florida Dec 28th - 30th to look at locations & meet with venders.

Here is a little bit about the wedding just to give you an idea of what I have so far, but like I said before, it's still tentitive til we see the venues & put down deposits.

WEDDING PLANNER: Danielle Smith (reccomended by Caribbean Catering)

We want to do an afternoon wedding in October however we are flexible with this date if we need to.  Although we LOVE Halloween, I don't want a halloween themed wedding. I'd like to keep it classy & elegant. (Martha Stewart or J Crew Wedding style)

As of now my top venues are:
1. Coconut Palm Inn - Key Largo http://www.coconutpalminn.com/

2. Pierre's Restarant -Islamorada http://www.pierres-restaurant.com/

3. Tranquility Bay - Marathon http://www.tranquilitybay.com/

4. Islander Resort - Islamorada http://www.islanderfloridakeys.com/

HOTEL: I want to stay @ The moorings Village at least 2 nights possibly after the wedding. I am so in LOVE with this property & is the main inspiration for having our wedding in the Keys!

COLORS: I haven't decided on colors however I am leaning toward a beige wedding with maybe hints of antique pink or pale blue? I just like the simplicity & elegance of it

Top Photographer choices:
1. KT Merry http://www.ktmerry.com/
2.Lona Hall http://www.blueyeimages.com/
3. Michelle Young http://www.endearingstudios.com/