Sunday, January 23, 2011

An update...



It seems that most people (so far) are opting to stay @ The Islander ( as it is very close to the wedding site. It is still very early to book a room & there is no hurry. I just wanted to give the info as I think a couple people are booking this week. Erran & I will be @ The Moorings Village ( I have already reserved a villa for the weekend. :)))


For those attending the bachelor/bachelorette party Thursday night in Miami Beach (10/27), I'm in the process of looking for a large suite for 8 - 10 people on Collins or Ocean Dr area. I'll keep you posted. Let me know if you will be arriving early to celebrate.

Bridesmaid dreses:

J Crew has discontinued my favorite dress. (The Lorelei in champagne). I'm pretty bummed but I have set up an appt @ Bella Bridesmaids for the first week in February for bridemaids & I.

Shell Bell & I found a few dresses in the meantime & I thought I would share. Please keep in mind that if we were to choose one of these that they will be champagne in color.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Make a Wish...

I love Wedding Wish Trees! 

What is a wedding wish tree you ask?

"The Wish Tree is a Dutch wedding custom where guests are given a piece of paper, either shaped like a leaf or made of card stock. The guests write their wishes to the bride and groom and then hang it on the tree. This creates a gorgeous centerpiece and the tree is placed at the entrance to the reception to wow your guests right when they walk in. " (from

Sunday, January 16, 2011

DIY Bubble Bath!

I got this adorable idea from I can't take credit for it but I made them for my bridesmaids & they loved them. Here's the article & you can see how mine turned out at the very bottom where I attached pics. 

DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels

Jul 24 2009
DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels
Reward your bridesmaids for all their hard work with this feminine and chic DIY gift idea- relaxing homemade bubble bath! Read on for some bubble bath recipe links, packaging ideas and free printable labels!
DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels
According to this article by Abigail Beal , the basic ingredients for bubble bath are:
  • 1 quart of distilled water
  • 1 bar of castille soap (4 oz. Bar)
  • 4 ounces liquid glycerin
You then add the appropriate oils to concoct the desired fragrance and mood. (Obviously you adjust measurements depending on your bottle size.) Check out her recipes including Sweet Dreams (for relaxation) and Love Potion (for putting you in a romantic mood!)
DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels
(back of bottle)
For packaging I hunted down a frosted glass bottle (I've recycled a bottle previously used for a Japanese spirit) and used a cork from Riot Art and Craft. Alternatively, you can use a screw top- this would probably also look good. I did some digging and found this great frosted glass bottle with a cork online at Save on Crafts. They have quite a range ofglass bottles and they also sell corks in various sizes.  A good way to hunt down glass bottles online is to do a search on Kaboodle. For the labels I've chosen a very light brown recycled paper to print onto for a slightly vintage feel, however you can also print onto white to get a very striking, high contrast image.
DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels
  • Scissors/Scalpel or Guillotine
  • Double-sided tape
  • Colour inkjet or laser printer
  • Medium sized glass bottle - (preferably frosted glass with cork)
  • Light brown recycled paper or white textured paper
  • Bottle Labels - Download
DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels
  • Print out your labels on your colour printer.
  • Carefully cut around the edges of your back and front labels with a scissors.
  • Cut out your round seal. I found that cutting carefully around the seal with a scissors was sufficient but if you want to be really precise try using a circle punch of a similar size or an adjustable rotary circle cutter.
  • Cut a thin rectangular strip of paper for the top seal- the dimensions of this depend on your bottle. Experiment and see what looks best.
  • Use double-sided tape to stick your labels and seal in place on bottle.
DIY Bridesmaid Gifts: Homemade Bubble Bath- Free Labels

My Version: (Not too bad)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Champagne taste...

I chose champagne, off white & antique pink for my wedding colors. I find neutral colors for weddings to be very elegant. I'm just not having the best luck finding champagne colored bridemaid dresses.

Here is what I have found so far:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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So into the new wedding cupcakes trend. Mini cupcakes are so cute!

Cupcakes vs. Wedding Cakes: The Showdown!

Are Whimsical Cupcakes Right for Your Wedding?

By , Guide

Wedding cupcakes keep popping up again and again in the media as a way to save money on your wedding or adding a bit of whimsy to the reception. But what's the truth? Are cupcakes really a good alternative to a wedding cake? I decided to have a showdown and see who could be quicker on the draw when it came to cost, style, and tradition. Which one do you think will win?


This is the big question, isn't it? When wedding cupcakes first became a trend, they were touted as a great way to save money: spend a buck or two for a cupcake rather than $4 or $5 per slice for cake. But bakers soon caught on that doing wedding cupcakes are just as much work – if not more – than a traditional cake. Every single one of those suckers has to be baked and iced. If you're doing specialty decorations, you'll need one for each cupcake. And, most bakeries will rent you a cake stand, but you might have to purchase a cupcake stand.

On the other hand, it is easier for a non-professional baker to put together 150 cupcakes than trying to make an elaborate tiered cake. It's also easier to dress up grocery store cupcakes than it is to try to make a cheap wedding cake look fancy. In the end, it all comes down to choices.

Here are some little extras that make your wedding cupcakes special, but also might blow your budget:

Winner: A tie! ! When it comes down to the bottom line, you can do cupcakes more inexpensively than you can buy a wedding cake, but in the end being memorable is a valuable commodity. And it's cheaper to have a memorable wedding cake than to decorate each individual cupcake.


There's something so whimsically childlike about unwrapping a cupcake. And that's what people both love and hate about wedding cupcakes – are they fun and familiar or too casual and unsophisticated?

If you're having a formal wedding, you may want to stick with a grand and formal wedding cake. If your wedding guests are traditional people, they might think cupcakes are too casual, or worse, cheap.

But if you're having a relaxed reception where fun is the primary goal, tell everyone to be a kid again and grab a cupcake. Once they're up and having fun on the dance floor, they won't have to sit again for dessert. They'll just grab a cupcake and keep on groovin'.

Winner: Cupcakes! There's just a bit more punch to a cupcake. You can dress them up or down, but they'll always be fun.


Wedding cakes have been the standard for over 100 years, and you may be sad to give up the traditions associated with them. Cupcakes leave no room for a cake topper, and the customary cake cutting looks a little comical when your cake is only 3 inches wide. But brides and grooms have found a way to have their cake and eat it too: get a small 6" cake to sit on the top of your cupcake tower. You can use this for the ceremonial cake cutting, and then freeze the rest for your 1-year anniversary.

Winner: Wedding Cake! Come on, this winner was a given. Even with all the tips I've given you, cupcakes will never be as elegantly traditional as wedding cake.

Overall, it's a tie! With the pros and cons, and the help of a few tips I've given you here, you can figure out which is best for your wedding.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Bit of a Sweet Tooth

More & more I am loving the idea of a self serve candy buffet for weddings. It seems very fitting for our wedding since it will be on Halloween weekend, but I am finding the cost for apothecary candy jars can be a bit pricey, not to mention all that candy. Not sure if I will do this for my wedding but I do LOVE the idea. What do you think?

Islamorada Fish Company

We decided to have the wedding & reception in the beach @ The Islamorada Fish Company. To begin with this place is beautiful! They have a beach, restaurant, market place, marina, unstairs lounge, huge sportsman store & beautiful apartment with patio for the bride & bridesmaids to get ready in on the day of the wedding. The staff have been very helpful & offered a large selection of food. They also offer live entertainment on my big day such as a live band & fire dancers! Wow.

So far we are very pleased. I have had one request though from Erran: "No Jimmy Buffett music." We will see if they can put in a request with the band. LOL

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wedding Photographer? Check. :)

I have decided on a wedding photographer & I am so happy. We are going with the Fabulous Mr. Danny Griffin who has been a personal friend of mine for several years. He will be flying in from Los Angeles for the big day & he will also be taking engagement photos of Erran & I on January 30th.

You can see some of his work at I can't tell you enough how excited we are! I can't wait! xoxo