Saturday, December 4, 2010

What your diamond cut says about you.

Round Cut: Traditionalist

Also known as brilliant-cut, a round diamond symbolizes traditional values. Round wearers appreciate the ring's clean lines and symmetry. It has no beginning, no end and beautifully symbolizes romance! And it reflects more light than any other diamond. Ladies who like round diamonds are trustworthy and team players, but they sometimes lack spontaneity. Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera both wear wedding rings with round diamonds. It's the most popular cut! Wedding Prediction: You'll have a lovely, vintage-traditional wedding with pink roses, a white dress, and tea light place card holders.

Emerald Cut: Leader

The emerald cut traditionally symbolizes inner strength, power, and leadership. Camilla Bowles and Melania Trump both rock behemoth emerald-cut baubles.The emerald Cut has a quiet, regal elegance beloved by leaders everywhere. The lady who wears an emerald Cut is straightforward and true to herself. Wedding Prediction: You'll break conventions with your wedding theme and bridesmaid gifts but it will be an efficiently organized soiree. You're most likely to have the unattainable "perfect wedding."

Princess and Radiant Cuts: Spontaneous

The princess cut is a relatively new square shape with spectacular glitter. It says that you're eclectic, fun, spontaneous. You love the spotlight and enjoy attention. Whitney Houston wore a princess cut. Wedding Prediction: You're the bride most likely to jet-set to a tropical location and elope on a whim. Looks like you won't be needing those bridesmaid gifts after all!

Cushion Cut: All About Style

A cushion cut is rectangular with curved sides and was a popular diamond of the 18th century. The cushion has come back! Jennifer Garner and Nicole Richie both wear cushion-cuts (Richie's ring is pink). The cut says your daring, sophisticated, and stylish. Wedding Prediction: You'll get ideas from only the trendiest magazines. You'll be the first to give out trendy damask mint tins as your wedding favors. Other brides will look at you as a source of style inspiration. Since you have impeccable taste, friends will ask you for wedding advice on everything from wedding invitations to centerpieces to bridesmaid gifts.

Heart-Shaped: Sentimental and Dreamy

Ladies attracted to heart-shaped diamonds are dreamy romantics. The heart-shaped cut is also known as the Black Widow because it's second (only to the flashy marquis cut) in terms of divorce rate. Kid Rock proposed to Pamela Anderson with a heart-shaped, canary yellow diamond. It has been said that ladies who like heart-shaped diamonds are prone to over-idealize the romance of marriage, hence the heart shape. WeddingStand disagrees. We think heart-shaped diamonds are absolutely adorable. If you're a romantic at heart but don't want to wear the heart-shaped diamond, check out these heart charm favor boxes and our lovely bridesmaid gifts. Wedding Prediction: Your wedding will be ultra-romantic. You're the most likely to release doves or butterflies and have personalized Hershey kisses as wedding favors.

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